I Can Do...What??

I can do all things in him who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13
This verse is so powerful to me!!! It doesn't say "I can do some things", "I can do a few things", it says "ALL THINGS". Sometimes I have to read this to remind myself to do something, anything.

When we couple this with Romans 8:37 (we are more than conquerors). We shouldn't merely survive life, we should triumph over it. We may endure rough times, but we can and will prevail!!! God is on our side and we already know that we are on the winning side of this spiritual battle. We know the Bible is full of His promises for blessings that are available right now (in the physical battles too)! We CAN do all things through Jesus Christ our Lord who strengthens us. He promised us power after the Holy Spirit has come upon us. If we feel powerless, then maybe we need a fresh outpouring of the Spirit.

Wow!!! Three simple verses that should give us a fresh, uplifted attitude. We can do all things through Jesus. We are victorious (more than conquerors). We have the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us when our physical strength comes up short!!!

So, don't be afraid, whatever it is that God is leading you to do, lift your head up, look to the Source of our power. Get recharged, get your thinking in line with the Word, then go "do all things"!!!

I can do all things in him who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13

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untamed1 said...

This Comment is copied from the original posting on mychurch.org by Desiree:

Ya know, it's funny...once you grasp this mindset...this spiritual lifestyle of "I can do all things through Christ", it's like He just makes your life that much easier and that much better , and happier and stronger. This mentality becomes just like breathing. You don't have to think to breathe do you? (hope not!!) :P HA

People (Christian people) say that Chris and I have "been through a lot," and they say things like "I don't know how you do it," "it must be so rough on or for you," "better you than me,"...so on and so forth. I guess if you really look at it we have "been living a lot". I was in the hospital...with triplets....triplets were born and two stayed in the hopital for 5 weeks...all this time I stayed in LR with them. Then when they came home, we had to leave one behind....I now travel every weekend to see him.

When you live your life in such a way that you firmly believe the verse you quoted above, you don't ever really "go through things" (negative conotation) It's more like you LIVE and let God handle everything, trusting that everything that happens is in His will and it inevitably makes you a stronger, healthier follower for it. Nothing that has happened to us has been "Rough". Was it dificult to be in the hospital...away from each other for over 2mos with the exception of weekends...YES....Was it dificult to see two of our babies hooked up to ventilators....YES...Was it difficult to leave one baby...DUH...But really, I can't say that each thing didn't happen for a reason, nor was it unbarable...Why..."Because I can do ALL things through Christ who STRENGTHENS ME".

To quote the movie THE ABYSS..."We have to see with better eyes than that" When you see through the eyes of STRENGTH...through the eyes of the SPIRIT, it's like better than 20/20 vision...it's Christ vision.

Richard thank you for this message of encouragement, and I too would like to encourage those reading...trust God...live life and let HIM take care of you. BREATHE

In Christ,

<>< Desiree